“When The Iron Bird Flies”… can you help?

Ed. Note: Fellow Buddho-bloggers, please repost the following message. Let’s see what we can do to help make this project happen. Oh, and if you haven’t seen “Blessings” yes I highly recommend it.

Chariot Productions and the Pundarika Foundation are now in production on WHEN THE IRON BIRD FLIES: A Spiritual Collaboration Between East and West. While BLESSINGS offered a rarely seen view into the lives and practices of yoginis in remote hermitages in the mountains of Tibet, WHEN THE IRON BIRD FLIES will offer an exhilarating look at the evolution of these same spiritual teachings as they are propelled into modern western culture. This groundbreaking feature documentary will trace the path of one of the world’s oldest religions into the 21st century and show how this new collaboration between East and West is creating a new western Tibetan Buddhism – and permeating myriad aspects of contemporary culture at the same time.

We all have a part to play in the story of Buddhism in the West. Join us on our WHEN THE IRON BIRD FLIES Facebook page for up to date photo, text and video information on the film’s progress. In order to bring this project to fruition, we also need donations of any amount from as many sources as possible.  Even contributions of  $25-$50 can go a long way when we all take part. Further details can be found on theIRON BIRD fundraising page.

We hope that you will be a part of theIRON BIRD story.

Warm regards,

The Iron Bird Team

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