Conclusions: A Poem by Xena

I wanted to try an exercise of sorts with my daughter. Lately she’s really been writing some good poetry and short stories. So I asked her if she wanted to participate and she was all for it. So here’s what we did…

I showed her a photo/ postcard of Green Tara and asked her, without knowing anything about Green Tara, to look at it and write what she sees and feels. I have to say, what she came out with is pretty spot on. Here it is…

“Conclusions” by Xena D.
Upon a throne of
loving earth
sits a
holy woman

Her foot rests
on foliage
she is bathed
in color
and light

She must be
guided by
earths very own
or how could she
be so loved

From the throne
she sits upon
to the circles
of light
conclusion is
point blank

She has found
her way
and wishes
to help others
to find theirs.

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