Book Review: No Self, No Problem

“No Self, No Problem”
by Anam Thubten
Published by Snow Lion Publications

Anam Thubten lays the groundwork for an enlightened life in a simplistic way that not only a long time practitioner can understand, but those new to the path as well. Without using literary jargon and words that only a scholar could understand, Anam’s approach to the teachings here in the book break right through it all and keep things as transparent as possible.

Expounding wisdom such as “when we look into our consciousness and simply ask what is holding us back, we don’t really find anything. We don’t find a devil with two horns holding us back. I always say that it would be good news if we found such a devil. Then we could all get together and wrestle it,” Thubten teaches us to not get wrapped up in thoughts of what is or isn’t. Our egoic mind loves to play these tricks with us, and Thubten gives us practical approaches to dispel the ego.

“No Self, No Problem” is a quick read and the knowledge contained within is understandable for those of all levels. Thubten teaches that our enlightened mind is already there, it’s up to us to awaken that mind though. With clarity and a sense of soft spokedness, Thubten gives us the foundation to work from, it is up to us to put these practices into play.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Nathan. I’ve read (most of) the book and really liked it as well. Anam Thubten is a wonderful man and teacher as well. I’d keep an eye out for him as a rising star in the Dharma world.

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