DVD Review: Unmistaken Child

Unmistaken Child
Oscilloscope Labs | PBS Video

I have been looking forward to watching this for some time, and am appreciative to PBS for sending it. It will be airing as part of their Independent Lens Series and will make it’s broadcast premiere April 7, 2010 on PBS (Check broadcast listings)

The film follows Tenzin Zopa, a shy and mild mannered monk, on his search for his teachers rebirth. Since a young age, Tenzin had been a close follower of the renowned teacher Geshe Lama Konchog. Tenzin is lost after GLK’s passing, having spent most of his life with him, a sense of loneliness is left. His emotional state is veritably shattered, he breaks down. Tenzin is unsure whether or not he has the ability to find the rebirth, but knows how important it is and sets off on his quest.

There are astrological charts drawn up, studied, examined and it is determined GLK’s rebirth may be in a certain area, making the arduous task of finding a rebirth a little bit easier. It is still no easy task, Tenzin interviews numerous children, all within a specific age group.

Unmistaken Child is beautifully filmed, I was in awe of the landscape the whole time. The filmmaker Nati Baratz captures the gentle nature of Tenzin and approaches the rest of the film in the same way. The film is bare bones, like we are truly voyaging with Tenzin, by his side the whole time.

I believe we are very fortunate to have a film like this. Reincarnation and rebirth are some of the most misunderstood concepts in Buddhism, especially the Tibetan traditions. Unmistaken Child gives the process a face that can be understood.

I absolutely recommend viewing this film if you already haven’t. If you have, watch it again, I intend to watch this one over and over. A trailer for the film is below.

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