Newsweek: Tibet a “Charity Case”

Wow, what a heading on their site, Newsweek boldly calling Tibet a “Charity Case” of China. I read the article and was nearly seething at the ignorance shown but what really got me, and should have maybe sparked something for this reporter from Newsweek, is the final paragraph…

It’s true that, so far, all the money has failed to buy Tibetan loyalty. Beijing won’t deal with the Dalai Lama, even though Tibetans revere him, nor will it let his monastic followers build any power or voice any nationalist sympathy. Instead, the government is offering Tibetans the same bargain it has offered the rest of the country: in exchange for an astronomical rise in living standards, the government requires citizens to relinquish the right to free worship and free speech. The Chinese government has kept its end of the deal. Even if Tibetan residents never signed the contract, they have benefited from its enforcement—a fact Obama might keep in mind when he meets the Dalai Lama

Idiots, of course the Tibetans have not reciprocated, THEY NEVER WANTED CHINESE INTERVENTION!! They never asked to be beaten for their religious loyalties to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. They never asked to be forced to speak a foreign language in their own country. They never asked for your “economic boom”. They have asked for none of this, it was forced upon them, I mean FORCED.

If a Tibetan resident does anything to express any sort of disagreement with the CCP they are detained, beaten and given Chinese “re-education” classes. Not sure about you Newsweek, but that doesn’t sound like a place I want to be, never mind a place where a resident of that country would be happy to be either. Before the Chinese invasion there were 6,259 monasteries for Tibetans to freely worship. By 1979, there were only 10 monasteries.

Not that I expected Newsweek or any other agency to actually report something factual, but it would have been nice if they tried to convey at least an iota of truth. Maybe they should have tried to interview a couple Tibetan folks and see how they feel about the repression they live in??


  1. “They want self-determination; fair enough. But that seems to be the only story about Tibet that is ever told.”

    That’s the most important part of the story! Tibetans never wanted the Chinese there. This article makes it sound like Tibetans are ungrateful – ungrateful for being tortured and stripped of basic human rights. Any money spent on Tibet by the Chinese government benefits the Chinese government. They don’t care about the Tibetan people.

  2. Aye yay! It hurts to see ignorance rising so high in the journalistic ranks. Thanks for getting the word out; I’m sure the Buddhoblogosphere will happily provide some compassionate wisdom in response.

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