Book Review: Lama Tsongkhapa (A Graphic Novel)

Lama Tsongkhapa (A Graphic Novel)
Illustrated by Terry Lim
Adapted by Kok Yek Yee
Published by Kechara Media & Publications

This book was fantastic, a great idea really. The only other story I know of that has hit the graphic novel/ comic circuit is Deepak Chopra’s “Buddha”. That being said, doing the story of Tsongkhapa this way made it not only more interesting to read but visually stunning as well.

What better way to propagate the dharma than in a form that is easily understood and also fun to read through. I believe this book could help those of us with younger children to pass along the stories that we think are important that our children might learn from. I don’t think my six year old would completely understand what’s going on with the book, but by the time he’s 8-10 I think he totally enjoy it, I know I did (and I’m a kid inside).

The publishing group is part of the organization, Kechara, run by spiritual guide Tsem Tulku in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The things these guys are doing is raising the bar in spreading the dharma, kind of like Tsongkhapa himself. In an age where teachings may get watered down or misunderstood, it is great to see what these folks are doing to keep things on the straight and narrow. Higly recommend getting a copy now that it’s been released in English.

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