Article Swap Part Deux, Link Here!

Round Two is off and running….

So here we go again folks. I am psyched there was just as much interest in this round as the first, thank you all for joining in once again. There will be a third but I think we should give it some time in between this go around. More on that later though…

I was so psyched to receive the article that Richard wrote for me. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Articles that are up so far listed below, check back for updates throughout the day…

My post is What Person Inspired Me To Practice Buddhism For Shane at Zenfant

The post on my blog is Why I Blog by Richard from My Buddha Is Pink

Lynette/ Genju from 108 Zen Books wrote The Geography Of The Heart for Marcus at Marcus’ Journal

Adam from Home Brew Dharma wrote Practicing Buddhism with an Internet Persona for Emily at Peace Ground Zero

Kyle from Reformed Buddhist wrote Off The Hooker for John/ Jack at Zen Dirt Zen Dust

Marcus from Marcus’ Journal wrote Off The Cushion for Kyle at Reformed Buddhist

Justin from American Buddhist wrote Irritants and Ethics for Genju/ Lynette from 108 Zen Books

NellaLou from Smiling Buddha Cabaret wrote From Tanha to Dana-the Evolution of Buddhism on the Internet for Justin at American Buddhist

Shane from Zenfant wrote How My Practice Has Evolved for Maia at Jizo Chronicles

Maia from The Jizo Chronicles wrote The Importance Of Ritual for Adam at Dharma Brewing

Emily from Peace Ground Zero wrote Practice In A Year for NellaLou at The Smiling Buddha Cabaret


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