Ethan Nichtern on CNN in response to Brit Hume

Just finished watching the fantastic response to Brit Hume’s gaffe on Buddhism, via CNN. Rick Sanchez hosted Ethan Nichtern from the ID Project and asked him to respond to the comments made by Brit Hume on Fox News.

Ethan represented his view on Buddhism in a way that was not only compassionate, but maybe made it a bit more understandable for those second guessing Buddhism’s teachings on forgiveness and redemption.


  1. The CNN guy just didn’t give

    The CNN guy didn’t have a clue about what he was talking about, didn’t listen to the answer and wasn’t able to follow up on the answers because he didn’t have any idea what Ethan was talking about. He kept asking the same question, and not listening to the response. Too bad Ethan sounded pretty knowledgable.

  2. Yeah, I think Brit was out of line in his comments. Possibly through ignorance of Buddhist teaching in this area. As an aside, I had no idea Tiger Woods is a (quasi?) Buddhist.

    Buddhism often does have great press in the West, it was with a certain amount of reluctance I took a look at the underbelly of darkness that sadly, some devotees practice.

  3. Buddhism seems to have great press and this guy certainly says all the right things but he was in a really easy situation. All he had to do was not get involved in Mud slinging and he would look like a lotus sitting in it’s purity above the mud. I am not comfortable with modern western attitudes to Buddhism because they are completely uncritical. Criticism of Buddhism can’t come from debate it is too non oppositional and it keeps shifting the goal posts between mundane and transcendent reality so that you can avoid getting involved in the struggle. The problem is only revealed when you criticize the gurus and masters. Then you see the irrational unhealthy cultish side to Buddhism. Ask about Trungpa’s abuse of people or Zen monks beating students to death with a stick. Half starved brainwashed retreat goers. Sexual abuse and you find that the famous Japanese sayng: Shiranu ha hotoke= Not to know is a buddha is no longer wise or profound it is something rather more worrying.

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