Happy New Year 2010

Here’s wishing you and yours a safe and prosperous 2010!

I want to take this moment to say a few word of thanks to you all. I appreciate the fact you continue to return to this blog and read whatever babble is posted.

I want to thank those who’ve been involved in the article swaps. I am hoping to continue them, maybe with less frequency so we don’t burn the idea out. Either way, the response has been greater than I could imagine so thanks.

Thanks to all the other bloggers who have blogrolled this blog, I’ve tried my best to reciprocate so if you have Precious Metal linked but don’t see your link let me know.

2010 may very well be the year of the buddhoblogger. With each passing year, in the Buddhist community, it seems like our voices are really being heard and as Buddhism in the West continues to grow I think our voices could be of great importance. Even a newbie like me can be supportive of a newcomer by just telling my story and the everyday events of my practice.

Speaking of practice, my resolution this year is to truly buckle down on it. I’ve had difficulty sustaining for the most part, mainly on the cushion. So, however minor it seems, I hope to spend alot more time on the cushion so my time off the cushion is more beneficial for myself and those in the community in which I coexist.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. “Even a newbie like me can be supportive of a newcomer by just telling my story and the everyday events of my practice.”

    So very, very true Nate. And I think this is where the internet and blogging is really helping to reach new audiences and help people deal with their suffering.

    Thanks for organizing the blog swaps, and enjoy all that 2010 brings your way.

    Also, I made you an admin on the Facebook group in case you want to do another blog swap or something similar. I figured it would be a helpful way to message everyone at once.

    Oh, and the link to my site is showing the old blogspot address.

    Happy New Year!

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