Article Swap Part Deux, Pairing Announced here!!!

Ok, once you’ve seen who you’ve been paired with below, please scroll down to the bottom and comment with your contact info so everyone can be in proper contact with eachother so we can all have these posted on January 8th. Here it goes again…

Emily from Ohio Buddhist writing for Nella Lou at Enlightenment Ward.
Topic: What your practice may look like a year from now.

Nella Lou from Enlightenment Ward writing for Justin at American Buddhist.
Topic: The impact/ importance of the buddhoblogosphere? Too many blogs? Not enough?

Justin at American Buddhsit writing for Genju/ Lynette from 108 Zen Books.
Topic: Something that irritates you and how you practice w/ it? Can be an irritant of any kind.

Genju/ Lynette at 108 Zen Books writing for Marcus at Marcus’ Journal.
Topic: How your geographical location affects your practice. The landscape, the weather, the locals, etc…

Marcus at Marcus’ Journal writing for Kyle at Reformed Buddhist.
Topic: How does your dharma practice impact the world “off the cushion”.

Kyle at Reformed Buddhist writing for Jack/ John at Zen Dirt, Zen Dust.
Topic: How you handle celebrating Christmas while staying “true” to your practice.

Jack/ John from Zen Dirt, Zen Dust writing for Danny at Danny Fisher.
Topic: How you deal with conflict in daily life, what’s your strategy from a Buddhist perspective? Do you escalate it, engage it, let it pass on it’s own? How has this changed over the time of your practice?

Danny at Danny Fisher writing for Richard at My Buddha is Pink:
Topic: What constitutes sangha for you as a buddhoblogger?

Richard at My Buddha Is Pink writing for Nate at Precious Metal.
Topic: What you hope to achieve and or change by blogging about your Buddhist practice and Buddhism in general?

Nate at Precious Metal writing for Shane at Zenfant.
Topic: Who was the first person to influence your practice?

Shane from Zenfant writing for Maia at The Gizo Chronicles.
Topic: How your practice has changed/ evolved since it’s beginning?

Maia at The Gizo Chronicles writing for Adam at Dharma Brewing.
Topic: The importance of ritual in your Buddshit practice, or others practice.

Adam at Dharma Brewing writing for Emily at Ohio Buddhist.
Topic: How the ego changes when you start to gain a following on your blog. How do you counteract the new found sense of “self” in your practice?


  1. Hi All! I was looking at the WebRing on my blog and thought it might be useful for the Blog Swap. If each of us can put something like this below as the first or last line of the post on Friday, it would create a ring readers could follow.

    I’m Guest author on Marcus’ Journal (with link)


  2. Hi,

    Eerrrmmm, call me dense, but I still don’t see where the ‘swap’ comes into this? Being given a random topic I understand, but not the swap aspect. Last time it made sense because we set the topics for our partners.

    But anyway, I’m in and ready to go! Kyle wanted me as a partner – and he got me! LOL! I just guess he was hoping it’d be the other way around though!

    BTW, what happened to my topic? It was “the empty boat” – simply a title, to do with whatever the writer wanted. An essay on emptiness for example. Or a poem, or a picture, or thoughts on what it means to get to the other shore and the various ways of getting there. Or something about what prompted the title – that experience of being bumped and seeing how your anger rises against, well, nothing substantial at all, etc etc.

    Oh well, never mind.

    Happt writing everyone!


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