Article Swap Part Deux??

Yes, we’re hoping to make it happen. Some ideas are floating around and they are phenomenal. I saw two that would be great combined and will pose it to you right now….

First off I am shooting for February 1st to have this one come together. Here’s the idea… Everyone is paired again but this time there is an action or task to be completed. You will choose your own action (whether it be sitting an extra 5 minutes, going out of your way to do something your not accustomed, etc..), then you’ll tell the person you are paired with what that action is and they will come up with interview questions based on that. Make sense?? (shout out’s to Marcus and Shane for the inspiration on this one)

Of course, it’s not etched in stone yet and would love to see what you guys want to do. Not taking sign-ups quite yet, but once something is set to write about we’ll start that up.

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