The Great Buddho-blogging Article Swap

Around the internet, at this very moment, guest posts are being posted for the Great Buddho-blogging Article Swap. The growing list will be constantly updated throughout the day (unfortunately as time permits, you know, working and all) and you can find the articles at the bottom of this very post.

Anyway… the rundown of the pairings can be found here!

I understand a couple of you have had a hard time getting in touch with some of the pairs, but from what I hear you’ve already covered it with a new pair from the buddhoblogosphere. SOOOO…

After you post the article from your guest writer, the idea is to come back to this post, and give your link to the article. Once we’ve all got them posted I will put them all together into another post exclusive to the posts so we can all check them out.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did, and this has generated alot of interest to happen again. So I look forward to that as well. Anyway… till the 1st…


As articles start to circulate, and are posted below I will update this post until we have them all, then create a master list for it’s on post. So far a few articles have been posted… here’s what I got so far.

Lynette/ Genju from 108 Zen Books wrote a fantastic article for this blog titles Sustaining Practice

Adam from Home Brew Dharma wrote a guest post for Enlightenment Ward called Selling Enlightenment

Richard from My Buddha Is Pink wrote for Zenfant, his article a follow up to a piece he wrote for his own blog, is titled Lets Talk About Sex

Shane from Zenfant has a guest post about The Heart Sutra on Marcus’ Journal

Marnie from Enlightenment Ward wrote for Dwan at Budding Buddhist, the article is titled Knowing Your Tea Kettle

Kyle from Reformed Buddha wrote a post for Harold over at My Buddha Is Pink titled The Brutal Trials Of Buddhism’s Growth in the West

Dwan at Budding Buddhist wrote for 108 Zen Books, here article is titled Waiting

Marcus from Marcus’ Journal wrote for Zen Dirt, Zen Dust on the topic of Buddhist Self Help

Seiho from Digital Zendo wrote The Policy of Caring for Marguerite at Mind Deep Blog

Thus, Marguerite at Mind Deep Blog wrote a post titled Stringing the Beads

Nate (me) from this here blog Precious Metal wrote Bits and Pieces for Justin over American Buddhist

Justin from American Buddhist wrote a post about Non-Self for Danny Fisher from Rev. Danny Fisher

John from Zen Dirt Zen Dust wrote The Pins and Needles of Zen Practice for Rohan over at 21 Awake

Rohan from 21 Awake wrote Growing Up Buddhist for Adam over at Dharma Brewing

and lastly…

Danny from Danny Fisher’s Blog wrote an article, His Holiness on Homo-ness, for Richard at My Buddha is Pink


  1. i add links to my online articles at my wikipedia page (‘tho they’re getting irked about it i think );

    my most recent article is “why i do not own a cellphone:”

    ¿ any haiku bugs out there ?

    & thanks for the swell support for my complete idiot’s guide to buddhism :
    it’s important that it knows it has a reader !

    may all beings be well

    palms joined _/|\_

  2. Hi,

    Yes, that was great. Thank you.

    I have two ideas as a follow up. One is a simple thing and the other more a part two of this exrcise.

    The simple one first – why not, on January the 1st say, everybody post their favourite sutra verse or saying of the Buddha etc. This could be with or without a comment, with or without a picture. Just up to each person.

    If every Buddhist blogger posted their favourite verse, line of sutra, line of chant, whatever, on the first of January it would be a great start to the year and clicking through the blogs to see what everybody posted would be fabulous.

    My second idea, for a follow-up to the blog swap, is to again get a randomly chosen partner but this time, after reading their blog, either send them a list of questions to answer, or conduct an interview. So, for example, I might interview Shane and post the interview on my blog whilst being interviewed by John for his blog. What do you think?

    All the best and thanks again,


  3. Wow! This is such and exciting event . . . Thank you, Nate for hosting. And thanks again, Jack, from ZenDirtZenDust, for letting me know.

    Seiho and I just traded posts, here:

    The Policy of Caring, by Jaye Seiho Morris

    Stringing the Beads, by Marguerite Manteau-Rao

    Cyber sangha in action. Or should we say “blangha”? :)

    Deep bow, to all.


  4. OK Folks. I just got back from work travel. No luck connecting with my guest… sooooo… if anyone needs a place to post tomorrow, send it on to me (Yes, even you, Kyle! :-) ) Topic: This is the best I can do for the lifetime I have.

    I may get lucky and have two posts!!!

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