1. I wish I were an expert and could tell you, but I do know the things I’ve done around my house, simple things.

    I’ve changed out all of our light bulbs to energy saving bulbs.

    Energy Star rated appliances, yeah things like fridges are big bucks, but replacing a microwave is an easy one.

    When brushing my teeth, and having my children brush theirs, we make sure the water is not running and is only turned on to rinse the brush. That saves alot of water.

    Put a brick in the tank of your toilet, it’ll use less water when flushed.

    Instead of buying new, or throwing out things you don’t need anymore, there are sites like Craiglist and Freecycle where you can pass that thing on to someone who might use it. Not only have you saved someone money, helped them out but you’ve also saved space at the dump.

    These are just a couple ideas off the top of my head, maybe I’ll post more as they come… thanks for your comment!

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