Book Review: Less

“Less: Accomplishing More By Doing Less” by Marc Lesser
Published by New World Library

“Though we often associate busyness with activity and speed, and lack of busyness with stopping or slowing down, this is not always the case. It is possible to be actively engaged and not be busy. Not being “busy” does not require that you stop, slow down or step out of the activity of your life.”

Marc Lesser has written a true gem of a book/ instruction manual on ways to straighten out the unnecessary, self-produced busyness of our lives, so we can in turn really live our lives and achieve the goals we have for ourselves. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t some life coach mumbo jumbo, Marc’s experience is tried and true.

Marc is a Zen teacher, over 30 years of practicing under his belt, plus he has an MBA from New York University. He currently coaches those in the corporate world on how to communicate more effectively and is also a corporate facilitator coach.

With “Less”, Marc breaks down things in a way we may not always see things. He is not telling us we need to stop being “busy” or that we need to lie around on the couch either. Similar to the path the Buddha has laid before us, Marc finds the middle way between busyness and laziness.

I think “Less” more than smashes through the barriers we put up for ourselves, but paves the way for us to more adequately use the time we have instead of wasting it on scatter-brained thoughts. The exercises that are outlined are not difficult, they are easy enough that even the novice, life myself, can follow. The best part is, you don’t even have to be a Buddhist to put these practices into place.

It’s not an enormous textbook, nothing to fear here. The book flows well, is a quick read and is easily understood. Looking to put down the to-do list, honey-do list or whatever list you call it? Marc has more than a few recommendations here for you to try out. The book is loaded with practical advice for all of us.

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