Middle Road: Clutter

nullFunny, I was looking at the Buddhist section in the local book store, and really didn’t find anything that struck me. So I left empty handed, an unusual circumstance.

Working at the library I have the ability to see tons of new books coming in and one happened to catch my eye, “Clutter Busting”. I have always had a problem with to much stuff. I married a woman with similar problems. Hers is Genetic I think. Mine is I am a Pack Rat.

The book details several different reasons for these problems. Of clutter. But Clutter is not limited to just misc stuff. It could be mental Clutter, Spiritual Clutter. Items such as Cds, Books, or emails. So I have ventured forth in ridding myself of stuff. Those numerous books I have never read and those random cds I purchased because I love that one song. There are a few things in the book that really struck a cord with me.

It’s funny, since I started clearing out the detritus I’ve realized I am a little happier and a little more comfortable in my own skin. I am not sure where this will end I am trying to jettison all that extra stuff that seems to be lying around. A lot of this stuff is half finished projects or ones that didn’t even get that far. The middle road is where I am trying to be. I want to organize and rid myself of some of this misc stuff. I also plan to look into several parts of this book that I think are important. Take care.  Todd

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