What really is more important?

I was reading some comments on another blog and wanted to pose a question to you all here. In the article, from the blog, there is reference to an event that recently happened, of historic significance. There was a comment made by the author about being tired of the news on the event and than went on to rail about some things which people commenting thought was rather self indulgent.

My question to you is, how do we/ you decide what is more important in our daily lives? Does your personal accomplishment outweigh the accomplishment a group of people have made?

Personally, I believe, any accomplishment that makes us better in a positive way that can affect others the same, is the most important thing. Coming to the realization that we are all one community, not just a Buddhist community or Christian, Not white or black, not Hindu or Muslim, not Hispanic or Asian, but one community that really needs each other to exist in a harmonious manner.

Having said that, I am going over blog posts that I’ve made here that may seem, how can I say this, not the nicest possible posts that could have been written. I am also going to try and use “right speech” a bit more mindfully in my posts here, it was never my intention to engage in idle chatter.

This does not mean I will not engage certain topics that I believe need to be engaged, but will do so more mindfully and make sure that if read, you will come away without feeling like “oh my, did he just say that?” Again, it doesn’t mean I’m going to shy away from an important cause that needs engagement, but will try my best not to single people out, or beat around the bush by not naming someone knowing in my heart that I have gone against my intention.


  1. Nah, noone really said “shut the F#%$ up”, I guess I was having a day where I felt like talking junk wasn’t in the best interest of what I’m trying to do with life. But you are absolutely right, writing has become something I’ve become passionate about and I would hate to have to restrain myself and keep something in. I’ve done that all my life, hold stuff in and build walls. It did nothing to help at all.

    Thanks for the comment, it helped!

  2. This kind of thinking is a real slippery slope. Question/revising the past doesn’t change anything. What’s done is done. We can all make happy talk as the Silke letter ( http://www.buddhistchannel.tv/index.php?id=22,4371,0,0,1,0 ) on the Buddhist channel requests but it is a mere gloss of reality. Like a bad paint job. Is there anything worse than someone feeling passionate about something but pretending they are not? It is the pained smile, the teeth gritted as the words come out. It is dishonest.

    And in a writer it still comes out as passive-aggressive sorts of things even with the utmost vigilance. I don’t advocate going around insulting folks for fun but if there’s something to be said, whether labeled by others good or bad then either say it or say nothing but don’t say it in a false way. There’s nothing one writes that will be loved and accepted by all. If everyone waits for that then there would not be another word written or spoken in the world.

    What’s wrong with idle chatter? It’s all ultimately idle chatter. But sometimes very entertaining.

    I just get this feeling from reading this piece again that someone has said something to hurt your feelings about what you write. They should shut the F#%$ up.

    As for self-indulgent accusations. If one buys into them then one becomes other-indulgent often and loses direction in the forest of other people’s opinions. There is a difference between self-indulgence and self-direction. Many people mistake the latter for the former.

    This opinion is by someone who has put the foot in the mouth more than a few times. And survived.

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