First Ever Precious Metal “CONTEST”!

I was contacted by the folks at Harper One about a new book they are releasing, Wisdom 2.0 by Soren Gordhamer. They sent me a few copies of it to promote and give away on this blog. The book, from what I’ve read so far, sums up alot of us I’m sure. Soren describes the way we react/ interact with technology and how it affects “real life” and ways to cope with the stresses we unknowingly create with our dependence on technology .

So how do you “win”?

Simple… in a comment below describe what might interest you about this book to read it. There are reviews here and there on the net (just google the book title), and I’ll be doing one a little later once I’ve finished with the book (have a couple other book reviews to do as well, so behind over here). Once there are enough responses I’ll pick two of the one’s I like the most, so make sure to leave a way of contacting you in the comment.

As with all contests, there’s a hitch here folks…. Once you’ve read the book, I’d love to hear what you thought about it. Even if it’s a one or two paragraph description, it’d be awesome to get your input. That’s it, no more hitches, I promise.

I’ll be running the contest until mid-February, a little more than two weeks. So get those comments in!

UPDATE: This contest will be running until this Saturday, February 14th so keep the entries coming….


  1. In the morning I carry buckets of water to a portable water heater if I want a bath later in the day. It only works when there is sufficient electricity. Then I turn on the laptop (usually on battery) and surf high speed internet. Such are the technological paradoxes of north India. High tech or retro-tech both have their stresses. I’d like to read what this author has to say on on the topic. It might also give me some good blog material. If I saw this book in a bookstore I’d probably buy it but if there’s a chance to get a copy in a contest why not? (You wouldn’t have to send it to India-that would cost more than the book-my friend in Canada can forward it with a care package-contact info on my blog)
    And I’d give you a thorough review for your trouble. Thanks for the offer.

  2. Last week we lost all electric power to our house because of an icestorm. I slept in front of the fireplace with our dogs(2 dog night) and used headlamps to readFamily went to in-laws. No computer, tv, dvd, lights refrigerator,..couldn’t charge cell phones, ipods ,Kindles,xbox.
    Furnace is gas but blower is electric so no heat. At first it was frustrating but for a while refreshing. Then by Day 4 with temps between 9 and 15 it just got old. After power was restored on Day 6, it took a week before the disorientation “resolved”.
    I would be interested in the author ‘s thoughts. Also, I like free stuff and would read it and pass on to our coffee shops free bookshelf.
    metta to us all,

  3. Technology (blogs, Face Page, etc.) have become substitutes for direct inter-personnel communications. Although technology has encouraged communications that might never have occurred without it, the lack of a “face-to-face” meeting deprives the communicators with the ability to evaluate the real person as opposed to the persona presented electronically.

  4. Wow, I’m suprised people aren’t jumping for the opportunity to read ths book. Well, I guess you could get it at any library, but it’s still better to just have it to read on your own time.

    Well, I’ve been trying to “find myself” for a long time, like everybody else in the world. I’ve searched different religions and spiritualities so much for the past few years I feel like I’m losing touch with what I once believed. I feel like I just need some anchor to keep myself from floating away, which is why I’m trying out Buddhism.

    From what you said, this would be the book to read. Even if I don’t win, I’m still going to try and get it at the library.

    Also, I don’t know if this will work, but PRECIOUS METAL ROCKS!!!!!! lol

  5. The concept is intriguing.

    I teach college classes online. I like the concept of right livelihood with technology

  6. Great idea and that book sounds interesting. But I’m not interested of reading that book. Just wanted to show my respect to you and to author. :)

    With palms together,

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