Robin Hood Updated as New Obama-era Superhero

From Business Wire

For the first time the legend of Robin Hood will be updated for the cosmopolitan world of today’s Obama-era America as a New Global Superhero who adopts the Code of the Bodhisattva followed by the greatest zen warriors from the Shaolin monks to the Japanese Samurai. Set in modern-day USA, the epic has also been filmed in England, France, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Thailand, Singapore and India. The project will also feature a special inspirational message from Robert Thurman—the celebrated father of Uma Thurman and profiled by numerous media giants from Oprah Winfrey to Larry King.

Furthermore, “Robin Hood: The New Zen Warrior” will be dedicated to the multi-national victims and real-life heroes of the recent Mumbai attacks who exemplified the Bodhisattva spirit of compassion and will also include a futuristic fashion line, original soundtrack, informative brochure and avant-garde comic book.

Expected to soon reach completion, the film has been hailed as “A Straight Ten Masterpiece…combines all the style of a Hollywood blockbuster with the substance of a Deepak Chopra novel” by one of the only pundits to preview a nearly complete print – Randy Murton, News Editor for Canada’s leading media giant Rogers City TV (Home to Access Hollywood, Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Kimmel). “It features never-before-filmed martial arts, powerful love scenes based on the Kama Sutra and the wittiest dialogue in recent memory…with a cool Buddhist message of compassion at a time when we need it most.”

Directed by and starring Canadian Zen Duke who has been profiled in leading publications from Screen International and The Times of India to IANS and PTI News, the film updates the original storyline and characters for today’s cyber iPhone generation. Instead of obsolete archery contests, the action takes place in videogame inspired underground fight clubs thus casting Hood as a witty, leather-clad zen warrior with a peerless expertise in rare and trademark martial arts as well as the Buddhist philosophies that guide them.

Like Prince Siddhartha, Hood must overcome an outlaw’s life of sex and violence to become a Bodhisattva who in the words of famed Buddhist scholar Shantideva is “a guard to those who are protectorless, a guide to those who journey on the road and for sentient beings poor and destitute a treasure ever plentiful.”

As Zen Duke explains, “It is well documented that Albert Einstein dubbed Buddhism the religion of the future and so it only made sense to update Robin Hood as a US-based Global Superhero with a strong Buddhist influence to bring east and west together.”

Zen Duke is a Canada born actor-director-Buddhist scholar who can be visited at and

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