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Religious Rebirthing – Buddhists Pay to ‘Die’ in Pink Coffins

October 2, 2008

From Trend Hunter Magazine

Offering the ultimate in second chances, a Buddhist temple in Thailand is offering believers an opportunity to ‘die’ in a pink coffin. For a fee of around $5, they can rise up newborn, and make a fresh start in life.

Nine big, pink coffins dominate the grand hall of the temple, and every day hundreds of people take their turns climbing in for a few moments while monks chant a dirge. Then the visitors clamber out again cleansed of their past.

A sign warns visitors not to stand behind the coffins, where the bad karma sucked from the “dying” devotees may still be hovering.

Those who have undergone the process say they come out feeling very good and thinking happy thoughts.

“When I went in I felt warm, and when I came out I felt released,” said Nual Chaichamni, 52, a masseuse who visited recently and who said she liked the feeling so much that she had done it six times.

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