Opinions Please…

Ed. Note – This post isn’t going to make much sense anymore, since the header in question is now gone. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

….on the new header for this blog. My wife doesn’t like the “kill your self” part on the right and thinks it’s a bit to bloody. I enjoy it, but thought since you the reader see it all the time you may not like it. I think the wife is taking it as if I am saying to “kill yourself” but it’s quite different as “kill your self” I believe.

Please let me know what you think!


  1. yeah, after careful consideration, it was to much “over the top”. So I’ve edited it a bit (and may still tweak it a bit more) and made it a bit less graphic. Thanks for the input as well as the couple candid e-mail comments I got. Thanks everyone.

  2. I think it’s bloody and violent on the surface, so your wife is right, but since its aimed at the self, fire away! That’s the Buddhist way. No self esteem, no self coddling, no comfort zones. Don’t expect to last one minute.

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