“Can we have a meeting at about 3:30?”

That’s what my boss said this past Friday. I had this creeping feeling it was not to be a good meeting. Not that I had done anything wrong, my job is pretty simple (graphic design) but I just had that feeling you know. And at 3:30 we sat down, he says “I’m gonna have to let you go.” I was a bit shocked but kind of understood his perspective as a small business owner. He didn’t have the work coming in to sustain an employee so he had to do it. The only thing that gets under my skin, is that if he knew it was coming (which he told me he did), why didn’t he warn me sooner? He knows I have 3 kids at home and leaving me without a job is a HUGE inconvenience. I could have jumped down to 30 hours a week or something and spent 10 hours looking.

But whatever I guess, things happen. I’ve already applied at a couple places, but I’m really trying this time to get “that job” I can stick with for the next 20-30 years if you know what I mean. This 1 year here, 5 years over here stuff isn’t working anymore. I guess it’s off to the unemployment line in the meantime….


  1. Thanks Iamspidermonkey and Phil, it’ll all work out though. Just had to vent. :)

    I have a couple good leads to follow up on today, one of them is very solid and will keep me in the same industry. And just got a call which has me changing industries a bit, but is very promising for the long term, which is ideal for my family!

  2. Thanks for the thoughts. The thing is, I understand why he laid me off and am fine with that. The only thing that irked me a bit is he told me he knew it was coming for a while and said nothing to me. It would have helped my family had he told me, that way I’d already be working again.

  3. Damn sorry to hear this. I’ve had employers tell me that before in the past so I know your pain. Well, part of it anyways as I don’t have three kids. I’ll keep positive thoughts for you.

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