Sharon Stone says “Chinese Earthquake due to Karma”? (video)

I was a bit thrown when I read the news on this, and even after I watched the video. But than I sat back, thought about the entire comment and came to the realization that she may have put her foot in her mouth to soon, and should have explained her point before inserting said foot.

She said to a reporter ” I’m not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?”

That’s where the insert foot in mouth part happened. I mean seriously, what was she thinking before she said this, or was it off the top of her head with no thought at all? She talked on a bit, mentioning how she had received a letter from the Tibetan Foundation and was asked to go and help the victims of the atrocious natural disaster. Her reaction was… “They wanted to go and be helpful, and that made me cry. It was a big lesson to me that sometimes you have to learn to put your head down and be of service even to people who aren’t nice to you.”

I think, had she thought the words out, the point she was trying to get to was- even in the face of oppression and torture by the Chinese government the Tibetans genuinely care about the brothers and sisters in the whole of China.

It’s not about us and them, it’s about helping people out. It also goes to show the strength and sincere caring the Tibetan people feel for all of humanity. I think this is what she meant to say, but couldn’t get it out the right way. Maybe I’m wrong though! Judge for yourself, the video is below…


  1. a couple of things:

    1. just as an individual’s actions have a result, actions performed by groups have results – this is group karma. I believe that the karmic results of actions (whether performed individually or as a group) are usually not experienced in this life, unless those actions are very powerful (either extremely positive or extremely negative)
    2. from a Buddhist point of view, if a particular group treat another group badly, then the law of karma says that that group will experience a negative result in the future. Therefore, if a large number of Chinese mistreat Tibetans, then that must have a negative karmic result for that group. But, also, from a Buddhist point of view, it is not possible for anyone other than a Buddha to know the ultimate karmic results of particular actions. This is because karma is so extremely complex. It is certainly not possible for an ordinary person to know what the specific karmic cause is for the recent disaster in China.
    3. it is certainly extremely unskilful to state publicly that the disaster in China is a result of mistreatment of Tibetans or His Holiness the Dalai Lama, because people would get the impression that you are blaming the Chinese for the disaster that has befallen them. The Buddhist belief is that whatever happens to people, good or bad, is ultimately caused by them, in this or a previous life. Many get confused about this belief, and think that Buddhism is saying that if something bad happens to you, it is your fault – the implication being that one is saying that one should not have sympathy for those who suffer tragedy or misfortune. This is in fact a perversion of the Buddhist idea of karma. In a sense the whole point of Buddhism is to develop our compassion and caring for all beings, so if we do not care about the suffering of others, this is the complete opposite of Buddhist practice. If we view karma correctly, then we should have more compassion for others, not less, because we see that beings create their own suffering through ignorance. We also see that suffering has a cause; that it is not mere happenstance that bad things happen to some and not others: this also serves to increase one’s compassion. This is a huge subject, and I cannot fully explain here: I would encourage anyone interest to read further on the subject elsewher

  2. Bad Karma going to follow Dave and Sharon Stone, because they both born with a bad heart, cold blood aminal.

  3. So, will China still be producing all those tons of gold they were going to over the next year or so? Kind of doubtful with the horrendous flood and multiple disaster problems they keep having…

  4. FYI, I was going to delete Carl’s comment but decided against it. I can see why there would be the anger, but grasping at it is not worth the suffering both sides create with it.

    Dave: not sure if I believe the whole “collective” karma thing. But then again, I’m not that familiar with the concept either.

    iamspidermonkey: that’s exactly what I’m saying, maybe just maybe, she will do something now to try and save face. It may be too late though.

  5. Yup… watching the video… it looks like she’s distracted and barely able to focus 100% of her thoughts through her speech. She comes across as someone who wants to be nice, albeit on the airhead/bimbo side, but lacks initiative to take real action to help anyone out.

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