Getting out of that funk

When the difficulties of life are getting you down, often a way to work
your way out of the funk is to perform a personal act of power, said
Carolyn Myss in Invisible Acts Of Power: Personal Choices that Create

Below are just a few of her favorite personal acts of power:

• Hold a door open for someone.
• Smile.

• Offer kind words and encouragement to those who need them.
• Offer a compliment to someone.
• Listen to someone without interrupting him or her.
• When your intuition tells you to call someone, pick up your phone and
• Forgive others and yourself for imperfections.
• Make a meal for a friend.
• When you catch yourself starting to judge someone, stop.
• Remember that things can change in a moment.
• Focus on the present and what you can do for someone else right now,
not sometime in the distant future.

Remember that everything you do, think or say matters

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