Tibet, the forgotten humanitarian issue!

Well, by now we all know what is going on in Burma. There are multiple reposts on this blog from various sources, as well as links and more. There are bloggers the world over exposing the realities in Burma and the struggle they face. There is all the talk of outrage and this country or that one expressing their solidarity for the people of Burma.  There are comparisons drawn about Darfur.

One thing that is really starting to break is the fact China is really not stepping up to the plate. The strongest word they’ve used is “restraint” when it comes to dealing with the situation. There is talk going on about how this is going to affect how the world will view the Olympics, which are set this year in Beijing. But there’s a big thing missing here, and I am really beginning to wonder why.

Where is the concern for Tibet? You’ve all heard of Tibet right?


  1. ive been living in tibetan area for years and have definitely seen many tragidies happened to tibetans.
    well tibet rights are not that good, but its been improving.
    our concering about it will help too.

  2. funny you should write this because I was thinking of a pithy post for my blog on the same issue.

    I love the way Pres. Shrub and his ilk are so angry about Burma, but ask them what they are going to do about Tibet. Do they even know where it is?

  3. glad you said this.

    i’m hoping, personally, that the immediacy of Burma’s situation will not only create a response from the world-at-large, but will also create renewed interest in Tibet.

  4. Yes you are right there is not forgetting the situation in Tibet, In fact China’s own atrocious human rights record speaks world’s for their indifference to the situation in Burma.

    It seems that the desire to exploit the abundant natural resources in both Tibet and Burma are cause enough to justify whatever means necessary. Further proof that corporate greed is one of the number one problems facing humanity today.

    Keep shining your light, we’ll all keep working at this.

    Don’t forget to make the time for your practice, We all need it to sustain us in difficult times such as this.



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