Few words, many smiles.

I don’t have many words either, and I was smiling nearly the whole time. The best way to describe this video is inspiring! Take 3 minutes and thirty-nine seconds of your time, please, and watch! Very good music to listen to, as well as the story playing out on the video.

The band is called Sick Puppies (don’t let that scare you, they’re quite mellow) and the song is “All The Same”. The story playing out is one man’s mission to give free hugs to those who want them. Amazing!


  1. Great video,great message and the music is good also.
    Thats why I love bands like nevermore,just read the lyrics from there CD This Godless Endeavor.They make you think!!!

  2. I added yours as well!! Thanks for stopping by and blogrollin’ me.

    Definitely better as far as the harmless intent goes. I posted the video after seeing it on TV. I figure with all the downtrodden things happening it might make a few people smile.

    My wife just saw it for the first time and was grinning from ear to ear!

  3. Hi there! When I saw your comment on my blog I’m surprised why I didn’t discover yours earlier; when I have quite a large Buddhist blogroll. I discover something new everyday.

    Consider yourself blogrolled :) Great video btw, I was on the Gold Coast last week and some random dude was giving out free hugs to foreign tourists. Granted I think he was drunk and his mates dared him, but better drunken harmless intent than drunken malevolent intent hey?

    – Buddha Warrior

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