Changing jobs and…

… a couple other things. First, I updated the videos. Added a couple from Lama Surya Das, one of the leading Western Buddhist teachers. Also added an interview that I really enjoyed. It is with Noah Levine, author or “Dharma Punx” and “Against The Stream”. So why not take a few minute and drop by the videos section and check them out.

Second, I finally got a different job, and it’s doing exactly the thing I love to do, work on computers. Not hardware or anything, but design (layout design) and building/maintaining websites. For the past year I’ve been a salesman with print company, on hopes that one day I would get back into the world of creating rather than selling. So I am rather happy to announce it, the job will be great. The company is up and coming, has only been around for a little under 3 years now. They’ve got some great clients and with some contacts I’ve made hopefully we’ll get really busy and make a bigger impact.

And lastly, my family will be moving soon. When we moved into the placer we did we had hopes of getting into something bigger for all of us. The past year my daughter and son have been sharing a bedroom and the bedroom my wife and I share is rather small. Our place is basically a small 2 bedroom cottage. We found a better place though via a friend from my wife’s work. The place has 3 bedrooms (1 for each kid and a much bigger one for the wife and I). We share a yard now, but the new place has almost two acres of land, which is flat and grassy. It’s off from the main road so there won’t be speeding cars, loud noises, etc. It’s just what we needed. And the amazing thing is, it’s less money per month than where we are now.

So things are looking up and I am grateful for all the good things coming my families way. I appreciate all the thoughts and kindness from others in a time of struggle. I get a little frustrated sometimes and went off on a tangent with the “what defines poor” post, but the fact is, life is good. Money cannot buy happiness, and my family brings me much more happiness than money could possibly bring. So, life is good. Just wanted to get that off my chest too, it feels great!


  1. thanks guys! I’m psyched about the sudden wave of good things, especially the job. I’ve been there two days now and it’s so nice to just be still and not running, running, running….

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