What is gone wrong with the Maryland courts?

There has been an ongoing case, for three years now, involving a Liberian man who “allegedly” raped and molested a 7 year old girl. The reason it has taken so long is the courts seem to have exhausted it’s efforts in finding a translator for Mahamu Kanneh, the man allegedly who committed these crimes.

During the three years, they found 3 translators, even swore them in to testify, but I’m not sure what happened and can find no information for the reasoning behind this. So, needless to say Judge Katherine Savage threw the case out, based on the defendants request to a speedy trial. I do understand where she is coming from on that one, we as American citizens do have the right to a speedy trial, but I’m not sure if that applies to someone who has political asylum in this country. Maybe I need to do some investigating on that a bit more.

What ruffles my feathers here is some information that came up after the charges were dropped. Seems someone at Fox News called Mahamu’s residence and got a brief interview with him via the phone. And guess what? He spoke PERFECT English! Why was it he needed a translator again? It also came out that he spent his high school years right here in America. From what I know, there aren’t any schools that teach in his native tongue, they all teach in English.

My question is, and maybe you readers can help me out here, is can he be charged for this crime again? It never when to court trial, and was not given and actual decision by the court, it was just thrown out. So would this be considered an innocent decision, which would make it impossible to try him on the same charges again, or is the decision null and void leaving it open to bring to court again?

As a parent, I would be disgusted and appalled if this did not go back to court. Yes, there is that whole innocent till proven guilty deal, but shouldn’t the court be given a shot to determine that? And if this guy did do the crime and is let off because he wasn’t given a translator (when the guy speaks fluent English in the first place) it would be a shame, and a potential danger to other children.

Original FOX News article here

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