What’s been going on.

Well, life has been hectic yet again, but than again that’s the cycle of samsara, it keeps going and going. Anyway, a little bit of news and a quick message about an upcoming article.

You may or may not know already, but I am happily married to a wonderful woman and we have two great kids (one of them is from a previous relationship). We got some news this past weekend, and it looks like our family will be expanding yet again, we are having another child. While it was a bit of a shock, seeing as we had not planned it right now, we are still very excited. I feel lucky that I am able to bring another child into this life, especially since many unfortunately cannot. It’s reminded me yet again of the preciousness of life and how we need to embrace it whenever possible.

What’s funny is, my wife asked, when our son came into the world was I wary that I would not have enough love to give him since I had already had a child. I said no, I know I would have enough for both. So, when the news came about the pregnancy she was wondering if she would have enough. I of course assured she would, it’s our child and there is nothing that can break that bond of love and kindness to them. But anyway, off the baby talk for now.

I am currently working on getting back to the basics here at Precious Metal and am working on a more “Buddhist” oriented article. I am taking on the 5 Precepts and how I see them. It’s coming along great and I hope to be able to post it sometime this weekend for you all to mull over.

I have a question for you readers out there, what is it that keeps you coming back to read this blog? I can see the stats on what articles you are reading, but what exactly is it that keeps you coming back to read my ranting? I am just curious. I hope you are all well and we’ll talk to you soon!


  1. Congratulations on your news, I wish your wife and family much joy in the coming addition!

    As for what keeps me coming back–you have an interesting voice, you address articles that I wouldn’t have read if you didn’t point them out, I enjoy watching your process of finding, ordering, developing your belief system.

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